The Technology and Innovation Conference is a one-of-a-kind experience designed to shine a spotlight on the latest technology in STEM, and the ways in which SHPE members are impacting these fields. It’s a new world for technology providers, whether a startup or established. Markets are changing and business models are constantly evolving. If you want to evolve as well, join us for Tech Talks, Innovation Challenge: Engineering With a Purpose (formerly known as Hackathon), the Extreme Engineering Challenge, the Design Competition, Tech Theatre, and Tech Breakfasts to educate our members about cutting-edge technology strategies and innovative ideas. This year’s theme is focused on Perpetual Evolution of Technology.

Experts in the field share new ideas, network, and spark dynamic discussions that invite SHPE members to be a part of the international conversation about technology and innovation. There will be opportunities for speakers to address some of the most important challenges facing our communities and workplaces. This conference will also include the following events:


Tech Talk sessions encompass the newest innovations in STEM technologies and what it means for the future for students and professionals alike. With this year’s focus of Perpetual Evolution of Technology participants will learn about current resources in the tech field.


Engaging events like the Innovation Challenge require students to draw on their ingenuity, technical aptitude, and marketing skills to develop a prototype or engineer improvements to an existing product. The competition drives social impact and change through technology, education, and innovation challenges. We work with cities and urban communities throughout the USA to solve major community issues using technology. We partner and organize events that jumpstart solutions to help local cities and urban communities achieve digital transformation with the assistance of engineers, technologist, and business minds through software innovation and engineering challenges while providing opportunities for collegiate and professionals to learn new skills, knowledge, and build new connections to carry them forward in their career goals. Teams include computer scientists, engineers, and business minds who team up to create and or innovate products and or services that will directly benefit local communities, in the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area and the USA.


The Extreme Engineering Challenge is a nonstop 24-hour competition that simulates an accelerated engineering working scenario, to help students build the skills necessary for meeting the profession’s most grueling demands. Participants receive a professional mentor and/or coach from their team’s sponsor. Participants gain a unique one-on-one experience working with the corporate sponsors that is unlike any other event at the National Convention. Many sponsors view this event as a real-world, 24-hour interview process with up-and coming engineering talent.


Undergraduate students are challenged to draw upon their ingenuity, technical aptitude and marketing skills to design a prototype or engineer improvements to an existing product. The competition challenges student members to develop and refine an idea related to automotive safety. Students are selected to participate in the competition over the four-day conference period. Competitors take part in a presentation skills workshop, one-on-one resume critique sessions, and mock interviews with leaders from engineering industry giants. Prizes are awarded to the winning teams, and students in the first-place team receive summer internship offers to work for Nissan.

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