Thank you to our 2019 National Convention Committee!

With over 7,500 in attendance and growing, the SHPE National Convention requires an enormous team of dedicated volunteer committee members contributing their time, experience, and energy. We are so grateful to these committee members for giving back to their SHPE Familia by volunteering to support the largest gathering of Hispanics in STEM in the country.

National Advisory Committee

Leo Soto
Conference Champion

Mariela Robledo
Local Convention Chair

Jimi Diaz
Local Convention Support

Yaseline Munos
Corporate Relations Chair

Mario Alvarenga
Corporate Relations Committee Member

Emily Anne Vargas
Corporate Relations Committee Member

Miurka Hidalgo
Presenter Host

Stephanie Prado Carbonell
VIP Host

Academic Conference

Luis Otero
Six Sigma & Convention Readiness Chair

Andrea Lopez
Six Sigma & Convention Readiness Vice Chair

Cesar Martinez
Six Sigma & Convention Readiness Committee Member

William Gonzalez
Student/Prof Networking

Dr. Tariq Tashtoush
Advisor Track Faculty Chair

Omar Torres
Advisor Track Vice Chair

Melanie Suarez
Advisor Track Awareness Leader

June Keller
Community College Faculty Chair

Estefania Fernandez
Community College Track Vice Chair

Arash Shariatzadeh
Community College Track Committee Member

Teresa Maldonado
Deans Roundtable Chair

Ivan Torres
Deans Roundtable Vice Chair

Maritza Sanchez
Distinguished Lecture Series Chair

Dr. Olivia Graeve
Distinguished Lecture Series Advisory Support

David Estrada
Faculty Development Symposium Chair

Donna Llewellyn
Faculty Development Symposium Vice Chair

Alex Avendano
Graduate Track Chair

Rosa Morales
Student Chair In Training

Dr Jean Andino
Graduate Track Faculty Chair

Mario Gutierrez
Graduate Track Vice Chair

Will Davis
LGBTQ Track Chair

Karen Hernandez
Undergraduate Track Chair

Alfredo Montoya
Undergraduate Track Vice Chair

Sylvia Galvez
Corporate Tours Chair

Yuri Morales
Corporate Tours Vice Chair

Technology & Innovation Conference

Michael Hernandez
Technology & Innovation Conference Chair

Julio Ortiz
Technology & Innovation Conference Vice Chair

Mike Acosta
Technology & Innovation Conference Faculty Advisor

Francesca Escoto
Entrepreneurship Chair

Edward Montenegro
Entrepreneurship Vice Chair

Tony Delgado
Design Competition Chair

Oscar Ceron
Design Competition Vice Chair

Cristian Gaedicke
Engineering Science Symposium Chair

Leonardo Chamorro
Engineering Science Symposium Vice Chair

Daniel Castaneda
Engineering Science Symposium Committee Member

Cesar Gonzalez
Extreme Engineering Chair

Sam Attaguile
Extreme Engineering Vice Chair

Quest Moffat
Innovation Challenge Chair

Romanna Flores
Innovation Challenge Vice Chair

Dishaun Philips
Innovation Challenge Co-Vice Chair

Mary Ellen Ruiz
Innovation Challenge Committee Member (Marketing)

Professionals in STEM Conference

Jimmy Galvez
Professionals In STEM Conference Chair

Rosa Delgado
Professionals In STEM Conference Vice Chair

SHPEtinas: Igniting Latinas in STEM Conference

Ximena Aristizabal
SHPEtinas Conference Chair

Stephanie Serrano
SHPEtinas Conference Vice Chair

Diana Ortega
SHPEtinas Conference Advisor

Heidy Arrieola
SHPEtinas Conference Advisor

Andrea Sanchez
SHPEtinas Conference Committee Member

Pre-College Conference

Karolyn Saenz
Pre-College Conference Captain

Renata Revelo-Alonso
Pre-College Evaluations Lead

Wendy Haro
Pre-College Outreach Lead

Denis Salinas
Sails High School Programming Chair

Joe (Jose) Martinez
Sails High School Programming Committee Member

Joanna Nieske
Sails High School Programming Vice Chair

Juan Valentin
Pre-College Design Challenge Chair

Nicole Ortega
Design Challenge Vice Chair

Matt Alonso
Design Challenge Member

Joanna Nieske
Parent Program Lead

Special Events

Yamille Perez
Signage Chair

Lenin Paulino
Signage Committee Vice Chair

Jeovanni Mendoza
Signage Committee Member

Rocio Rojas
Signage Committee Member

Marjorie Blanco
Special Events Captain

Deyzi Ixtabalan
Special Events Lead

Favian Guzman
Academic Conference Special Events Chair
(Discipline Lunches, Industry Breakfasts)

Mayra Lua
Academic Conference Special Events Vice Chair

Maritza Sanchez
Graduate Conference Special Events Lead (Hospitality Suite)

Belix Ortiz
Pre-College Special Events Lead

Wendy Correa De Reiter
Professional Special Events Lead

Zoraida Martinez
SHPEtina Special Events Lead

Mariela Resendez
STAR Awards Special Events Lead

Carlos Blanco
Tech & Innovation Special Events Lead

Jimmy Gomez
Surveys Chair

Joe Gonzalez
Surveys Vice Chair

Diana Gomez
STAR Awards Chair

Nicolyn Hernandez
STAR Awards Vice Chair

Valerie Valenzuela
STAR Awards Members

Linda Renteria
STAR Awards Members

Francis Valencheck
STAR Awards Members

Charles Vasquez
Security Chair

Jesse Martinez
Security Onsite Support

Michelle Vasquez
Security Onsite Support

Angelina Vasquez
Security Onsite Support

Anthony Vasquez
Security Onsite Support

Alex Saint-Blancard
Volunteer Chair

Meliza Castellon
Volunteer Vice Chair

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