SHPE is committed to supporting our members across the nation with cutting-edge  professional development, tools, and resources to help promote our mission of impacting the  world through STEM awareness, access, support, and development. Our programs are  tailored to not only increase the numbers of Hispanics in STEM but also support them along  their journey. Starting at the pre-college level and continuing up to the professional level, SHPE Programs play a critical role in preparing members to be successful STEM  professionals.

At the National Convention, we offer five conferences, along with a variety of events, competitions, and awards that recognize the achievements by Hispanics in STEM.


Throughout the convention, attendees continue to grow and test their skills for awards, and  national recognition, including the Engineering Science Symposium, Innovation Challenge:  Engineering with a Purpose, Extreme Engineering, and the Nissan Design Challenge.


At the National Convention, we offer five individual conferences that align with our national  programs: Pre-College, Professionals in STEM, Academic, SHPEtinas: Igniting Latinas in  STEM, and Technology and Innovation. Attendees may stay with one predetermined track,  or they can select and choose from the sessions within each conference.

Corporate Tours

Don’t miss out on one of the convention’s most exciting features – Corporate Tours. These  exclusive tours of Phoenix-area companies allow convention-goers the rare opportunity to  experience new technologies, witness operations at work, interact with potential recruiters,  and network with top engineers and scientists.

Special Events

There are a variety of prestigious special events held throughout the convention, including  the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Opening Ceremony, Excellence in STEM Luncheon, High  Achievers’ Breakfast, Chapter Presidents’ Breakfast, Executive Roundtable, Hospitality  Suites, Lifetime Members & Founders’ Reception, and many more.

STAR Awards

The prestigious SHPE Technical Achievement and Recognition (STAR) Awards honor  outstanding professionals for their dedication, commitment, and selfless efforts to grow and  advance Hispanics in STEM careers. STAR Awards also recognize a company and  government agency for demonstrating significant, measurable, and visible assistance to  further SHPE’s mission. At this exclusive black-tie event, STAR Award honorees share their  inspirational stories with peers, students, and corporate representatives.

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