Extreme Engineering Challenge (XEC) is NOT your normal competition. No step-by-step, feel-good, engineering model kit building here! No buzzers, quizzes, nor the luxury of preparing in advance.  Time to go beyond concepts and ideas and really build a working product!

XEC provides a unique opportunity. There is no one to warn you about the mistakes you’re about to make, nothing to memorize or recite, and a distinct experience every time.

XEC is a non-stop 24-hour competition, interview, and potential foot in the door to some of the leading engineering companies in the nation. The program engages teams against each other to find out who can OUT-DESIGN, OUT-DEVELOP, and OUT-PROMOTE the others in a race against time, talent and creativity. Only the top talent will be chosen to crack the code to the new challenge where the stakes will be higher and so will the rewards!

This competition consists of the main thing that you seek in this profession – REAL ENGINEERING.

The Extreme Engineering Competition (XEC) helps promote a student’s engineering skills by challenging their imagination, creativity, organization, and business skills to get an innovative idea to market. XEC provides a structured environment to simulate an accelerated working scenario with deadlines, presentations, reviews, and obstacles to build awareness and the necessary skills on meeting the demands of extreme engineering.

The entire competition takes place in a 24-hour continuous period. Teams strategize to be able to perform the tasks necessary in the allotted time and add their intellect, creativity, imagination, and business skills to experience the entire engineering process. The challengers begin by signing up for the competition. Then all registered students participate in a mini-interview session, referred to as QuickXchange, where they speak and mingle with all the sponsoring company representatives for a maximum of 5 minutes each. The sponsoring companies have the option of selecting any participating student as a draft choice. The QuickXchange session is scheduled to last for about an hour. Immediately after the QuickXchange the company representatives, serving as Team Consultants, gather in the board room to begin the draft process. Here is where the teams are put together following a set of rules. Once the teams are established, the entire group of challengers, team consultants and Lead Corp of Engineers (moderators) will meet in a conference room to announce the teams, distribute the challenge packets, team colors, explain the rules and start the challenge.

The challenge is composed of multiple events and milestone checkpoints that introduce additional challenges and guidance into the engineering process. The entire challenge culminates at the end with a presentation to a Board of Directors (final judges) that will score the team on different areas. The final winners will be announced on Friday evening on the Career Fair Floor at the SHPE Convention Booth and the new EXTREME ENGINEER will be crowned. Other awards include the Top Team, and the four Lead Engineers which are recognized for providing the most impact to their teams and fellow competitors throughout the competition.

The competition is open to all graduate and undergraduate SHPE student members.

To Participate

Registration for Extreme Engineering runs from 3-6pm on Wednesday in the convention registration area, and from 6-9pm at the hotel (TBD). Interviews of those who registered begin at 7pm to determine who will be selected for a team.


(The following times and locations are subject to change.)

Wednesday, October 30

3:00PM – 6:00PM Register for Extreme Engineering in the SHPE Convention registration area
6:00PM – 9:00PM Register for Extreme Engineering (location TBD)
7:00PM – 10:00PM Extreme Engineering QuickXchange Team Interviews
10:00PM – 11:59PM Extreme Engineering Team Draft
12:00AM MIDNIGHT Teams Announced & Challenge Opening

Thursday, October 31

1:00AM – 4:00AM Competition
5:00PM – 8:00PM Extreme Engineering Battle
5:00PM – 8:00PM Final Presentations

Friday, November 1

9:00AM – 3:00PM Extreme Engineering Finalist One-on-Ones
4:00PM Winners Announced

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