At the National Convention, we offer five individual conferences that align with our national programs. Attendees may stay with one predetermined track, or they can select and choose from the sessions within each conference.

Academic Conference

SHPE’s Academic Conference is designed to support members’ academic journeys and ensure their successful completion of STEM degrees. We provide services such as cutting edge professional development, SHPE Career Center and the Resume Room. This conference provides participants with the necessary resources and networks to address the disparity of Hispanics earning STEM degrees and entering the STEM workforce. Each of the tracks is tailored to guide community college students, undergraduates, graduates, advisors, and educators in academia.

Pre-College Conference

SHPE’s annual Pre-College Conference is an exciting two-day event designed to engage and motivate high school students around STEM activities. Students participate in hands-on workshops that allow them to act and think like an engineer or STEM professional. The workshops are presented by our professional member volunteers and corporate partners.

Professionals in STEM
Professionals in STEM Conference

SHPE’s Professionals in STEM Conference supports our professional members from  entry-level engineers to transitioning mid-level managers. SHPE provides an innovative learning approach to ensure that members are empowered with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to be successful STEM professionals.

SHPEtinas: Igniting Latinas in STEM
SHPEtinas: Igniting Latinas in STEM Conference

The 2019 SHPEtinas: Igniting Latinas in STEM Conference provides a 3-day impactful experience with 15 separate events and workshops crafted around the theme PODEROSAS focusing on unlocking, owning and leveraging our power. This conference strives to accelerate Latina representation at all levels of corporate and academic leadership in STEM while affirming the Latina identity. This conference hosts Latinas and Latinos at all levels of their educational and professional journey. Workshops are provided to support Latina’s technical and leadership development and equip them with the tools they need to succeed. Hosted events provide the SHPE familia opportunities to come together to engage openly in candid conversations about gender representation and career advancement. SHPEtinas’ outstanding technical achievements in the workforce and academia are highlighted and  celebrated.

Tech & Innovation
Tech & Innovation Conference

Our Technology and Innovation Conference is designed to shine a spotlight on the latest technology in STEM, and the ways in which SHPE is impacting these fields. The theme this year is Perpetual Evolution of Technology. Hosted events such as Tech Talks, Innovation Challenge, Design Competitions, Tech Theatre, and Tech Breakfasts at our National Convention educate our members about cutting-edge technology strategies and innovative ideas. Experts in the field share new ideas, network, and spark dynamic discussions that invite SHPE members to be a part of the international conversation about technology and  innovation.

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